Live and In-Session On Halton Community Radio With Callum Frazer Dickson and Adrianne Godfrey

Most unprepared photo ever.

Every Friday night our good friend Callum Frazer Dickson hosts his own show on Halton Community Radio from 9-11 and this week, with Adrianne Godfrey as co-host, we had the pleasure of being his special guests for the entire two hours! It was a lovely evening and a good laugh with us playing two tracks live in the studio, talking about anything we liked and generally causing complete broadcasting chaos.

Highlights include a special ‘stripped-down’ acoustic version of Saviour Of This Town, an honest and open chat about the band’s history, present and plans for the future and, following his complete ‘editing-out’ of our recent interview on BBC 6 Music, an exclusive on the spot interview with none other than Chris Paton. Have a listen below!

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