Live and In-Session On Halton Community Radio With Callum Frazer Dickson and Adrianne Godfrey

Most unprepared photo ever.

Every Friday night our good friend Callum Frazer Dickson hosts his own show on Halton Community Radio from 9-11 and this week, with Adrianne Godfrey as co-host, we had the pleasure of being his special guests for the entire two hours! It was a lovely evening and a good laugh with us playing two tracks live in the studio, talking about anything we liked and generally causing complete broadcasting chaos.

Highlights include a special ‘stripped-down’ acoustic version of Saviour Of This Town, an honest and open chat about the band’s history, present and plans for the future and, following his complete ‘editing-out’ of our recent interview on BBC 6 Music, an exclusive on the spot interview with none other than Chris Paton. Have a listen below!

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Yesterday’s Photoshoot and Tomorrow’s Roadtrip

Getting some photos done is something that’s always been on our list of things to do but whenever we’ve managed to get ourselves in the same place at the same time with a photographer it’s either been dark or absolutely pouring it down. Yesterday was quite nice though because for the first time it was neither dark or pouring it down. It was just absolutely freezing cold instead. However the rather amazing Mike Brits persevered and we finally had our first proper photoshoot. Here’s one of the teaser shots from Sefton Park that Mike has uploaded to his Facebook page and we have been informed that the rest will be following shortly!

After the shoot we had a few hours to spare before we were booked in at LIPA for writing and rehearsals, so we seized the opportunity to do something we’ve never really done before; just relax and go for something to eat. This was definitely a good idea. Elle  recommended a lovely place on Hardman Street called Bistro Jacques, at one point during her meal shouting “This place is my FAVOURITE!” to the surprise of everyone else in the restaurant. We strongly urge you to try the steak if you’re ever around the area.

Tomorrow we’re up early and back on the road though, making a return to the wonderful city of London. Tom Robinson has kindly asked us to come down and say a few words on his show on BBC 6 Music (yes!) so who are we to refuse such an offer? We’re not sure when it’s going out on the radio yet but as soon as we know then we’ll let you know too on our Facebook, Twitter and so on. Also, we’re hoping to hijack an open mic while we’re down there so if you know any places that are running a night then give us a shout.

Much Love!

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It’s Going To Be A Busy Week…

You may or may not already know this but just in case you missed the announcement, we’re releasing our brand new 2nd EP called ‘This World Of Ours’ on the 26th November! Even better, we’re also doing a mini tour around the North West from the 22nd to 25th! Only there’s one slight problem. We only finished recording on Sunday and now there’s just one week left to get it all mixed before it gets sent off stateside for mastering.

As we always seem to do, we’ve left it right to the last minute to get everything done so I thought I’d give you a little insight into what ‘mixing’ really is and show you my plan for the week (I wrote this out on Sunday so I knew what I had to get done on each day). I should also point out to you that Elle thinks I make too many lists. She’s probably right actually.

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Lots Of Buttons And Lights

As some of you may have noticed, the set up that I use on stage isn’t exactly what you’d call conventional. Quite often I get people coming up to me after a soundcheck or a gig asking about what everything does. Also it’s quite hard to relate what I’m doing on stage with the sound that you actually hear coming out of the PA. When Kez plays his guitar you can actually see the strings being hit and different frets being used and…well…you can sort of see what you’re hearing and it all makes sense!

I just thought I’d throw together a ‘quick’ video to explain my set up and what it is I’m actually doing when we play live. Despite what Elle and Kez say on stage, I’m not on Facebook (and definitely not on some of the other things they may have suggested either).

Equipment List:

  1. Apple Macbook
    The hub of the entire set up. The Macbook runs a program called Ableton Live which contains all the sounds and loops and is controlled by both the Novation 61SL MkII and KORE 2.
  2. Novation 61SL MkII MIDI Controller
    This is the main keyboard, piano/synths are played live using this. Also used for controlling a few FX such as an LP filter on the beats and Bitcrusher on the synth. Connected to the Macbook via USB.
  3. KORE 2 MIDI Controller
    This is the main FX unit which controls a lot of parameters within Ableton, mostly the glitch on the beats. Connected to the Macbook via USB.
  4. MOTU 8 PRE
    The audio interface for the Macbook, connected via Firewire. Has two separate outputs so I can send all the audio to the PA and the metronome separately to the wireless in-ear system we use.
  5. EMU PipeLine Wireless Transceiver System
    A transmitter is connected to the MOTU 8PRE and we each have a wireless receiver with headphones attached. We need to do this because Ableton runs at a fixed tempo and when clips are triggered they will play at the start of the next bar. So for example when Kez is playing his guitar at the start of It’s Over Now, he needs to be able to hear the metronome/click that Ableton is using so that he can play in time for when the drums are triggered when the 2nd verse starts.
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